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Maternity Classes

Infant Care Workshop

Infant Care Workshop You will use lifelike dolls, to practice caring for your infant. What We Will Cover Just some of the topics we’ll go over include: Diapering Bathing Holding Swaddling Temperature-taking And much more! Frequently Asked Questions How much does this class cost? $35, per couple,

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Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding Class This practical workshop taught twice a month by a certified lactation educator will help you to prepare to breastfeed your baby. What We Will Cover Just some of the topics we’ll go over include: Importance of skin-to-skin contact Milk production Getting your baby to latch on correctly Sleep

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Childbirth Preparation Series (Lamaze)

Childbirth Preparation Series (Lamaze) Do you want to feel more prepared for the labor and birth of your baby? Our Childbirth Preparation Class is for you. Class topics include signs of labor, comfort techniques for moving through labor, medication and anesthesia for labor and birth, relaxation and breathing techniques and

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Siblings Class

Siblings Class Are you expecting a new baby brother or sister at your house? What We Will Cover This is an opportunity for young children to gather in a classroom to hear about babies. A friendly Parent Education Program instructor will be teaching them about babies’ needs and limitations, using a lifelike

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