Advanced Cardiology Care in Your Community

Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

When it comes to heart health, a little exercise goes a long way. Routine activity can significantly reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance, but even small bursts of exercise can strengthen your heart.

If you’ve experienced a cardiac issue or undergone a cardiac procedure, your doctor may prescribe exercise as part of your rehabilitation. Likewise, if you simply want to improve your health, a routine can help you make huge strides.

At USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, our cardiac rehabilitation services are open to anyone with a doctor’s referral. You don’t have to be a cardiac patient to attend our program, just committed to a healthy lifestyle. One of our exercise physiologists will assess your physical abilities and design a personalized exercise program to meet your specific health goals. Periodic checkups will then ensure that your road to recovery is as fast and efficient as possible.

Heartwarming Support

Connect with a supportive community by exercising alongside others who have their own cardiac recovery stories to share.

Exercising for Life

Get more than rehabilitation — experience a holistic approach to heart disease focused on making heart-healthy choices.

Expert Cardiac Care

Give your health the edge with access to a wealth of expertise, including our internationally renowned cardiac physicians.

Treatments and Services

  • Continued Aerobic Maintenance Program (C.A.M.P.)
  • EKG-monitored
    exercise sessions
  • Supervised exercise therapy for peripheral arterial disease
  • Expert exercise physiologist supervision