Celebrate Your Health Care Provider for Who They Really Are: A Health Care Hero

If you are looking for a way to express your gratitude for the excellent care you received from our staff at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital (USC-VHH), consider making a gift in their honor. Your note of gratitude will be presented to the doctor, nurse or other member of our team who made a difference in your care and your gift will support their important work on behalf of all patients.

Areas to Support

Greatest Needs Fund
Giving to the Greatest Needs Fund addresses USC-VHH’s highest priority needs, including surgical and diagnostic equipment, modernized facilities, projects that increase patient and family comfort and support, and a wide variety of community health education initiatives.

Patient Experience Fund
A gift to the Patient Experience Fund enables USC-VHH to develop comprehensive programs that ensure the delivery of exemplary patient care, bolstering care coordination, navigational support, charity care, the healing arts, chaplain services and comfort amenities.

Clinical Training
Physicians work in tandem with nurses and other health care professionals, such as respiratory, physical or occupational therapists, in hospitals to deliver high-quality patient care. A gift in support of clinical training helps USC-VHH provide ongoing professional development and skill-building workshops designed to enhance best-practices and clinical skills. Ongoing clinical training opportunities also enables our hospital to recruit and retain the best and brightest clinicians with the expertise needed to provide world-class, patient-centered care.

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Sr. Executive Director of Development
USC Verdugo Hills Hospital Foundation
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