From Mammograms to Breast Cancer Treatment

Finding a lump or experiencing breast pain comes with feelings of uncertainty. You want to know what’s causing it, and you want an accurate diagnosis.

That’s the goal of our breast care specialists at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital. We provide best-in-class specialty care for a wide range of breast conditions. We believe that every woman over 40 (unless high risk) should have a yearly mammogram.

From routine mammograms to addressing BRCA gene mutations, we offer all the services you need in one location that’s close to home.

To schedule a digital mammogram, please call (818) 952-3557.

Treatments and Services

  • 2D mammogram
  • 3D mammogram
  • Axillary lymph node dissection
  • Breast-conserving surgery, including lumpectomy and segmental mastectomy
  • Excisional breast biopsy
  • Lymphedema surgery
  • Modified radical mastectomy
  • Nipple-areolar sparing mastectomy
  • Sentinel lymph node mapping and biopsy
  • Simple (total) mastectomy
  • Skin-sparing mastectomy
  • Ultrasound-guided aspirations and excisional biopsies
  • Wire localized excisional biopsy

Diagnosis, Treatment and Support for Breast Cancer and Breast Conditions

  • Our 2D and 3D mammograms offer the most detailed breast cancer imaging for improved detection.
  • We specialize in surgical procedures that conserve the breast and spare the skin.
  • We are committed to providing a compassionate environment, where patients feel at ease.
  • Our team-based approach includes experts from a variety of specialties to ensure you get a tailored treatment plan.

Schedule your next digital mammogram with us:

Our Keck Medicine of USC Physicians

Regina Baker, MD

Joseph Carey, MD

Maria Nelson, MD

Our Community Physicians

Ignacio Acosta, MD

Vatche Bardakjian, MD

Our Breast Center Radiologists

Mary Yamashita MD

Jennifer Choi MD

A team approach

Our patients benefit from coordinated care as our specialists conduct regular team conferences to evaluate every patient’s case. Together, they recommend a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan.

Advanced treatments

Our surgeons offer innovative approaches to breast cancer surgery including breast conserving surgery and skin-sparing mastectomy. We incorporate the latest in oncoplastic reconstruction.

Personal, empathetic care

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment. Our team is committed to serving our patients and their needs with compassion and sensitivity.

All Programs, Classes, and Events

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Babysitting Classes

Our family education program offers babysitting classes tailored for boys and girls ages 11-15. Each class is a single, one-time session and is limited in size.

Doc Talks Lecture Series

This lecture series will present a variety of health-related topics to community members throughout the year.

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Maternity Tour

Please call (818) 533-6560 for a maternity consultation.