Maternity Classes

Pregnancy and the birth of a new baby can be a joyous and special time in your life. To help you prepare for the journey, USC Verdugo Hills Hospital offers a family education program with a full roster of educational classes and workshops. Our program covers a wide array of topics, including what to expect in the initial months of your pregnancy, how to prepare for childbirth and classes designed to help you and your family welcome your new baby home.

Led by experts and certified educators, our workshops also cover key health and safety topics, including Lamaze classes, breastfeeding education and support, infant CPR and choking hazards and general infant care.

Whether you’re expecting your first child, welcoming home your second or third, in your first trimester or preparing for your delivery, we are here to support you and your family through each phase of your pregnancy journey and beyond.

Beginnings/Early Pregnancy Class being taught

Early Pregnancy Class

Join our Beginnings class to learn what to expect during pregnancy and much more. Participants also get a complimentary tour of our labor and delivery and postpartum areas.

Childbirth Preparation Series (Lamaze)

Childbirth Preparation Series (Lamaze)

Do you want to feel more prepared for the labor and birth of your baby? Our Childbirth Preparation Class meets once a week for five weeks, so you can plan to finish your classes four weeks prior to your due date.

Women taking an Infant Care Workshop class

Infant Care Workshop

You’ll learn skills like diapering, bathing, swaddling, temperature taking and cold care using life-like dolls to practice caring for your infant.

Woman breastfeeding her child

Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding Class is taught by a certified lactation educator and will help you to prepare to breastfeed your baby.

big kids and babies feature

Siblings Class

This is an opportunity for young children to gather in a classroom to hear about babies. A friendly Parent Education Program instructor will teach them about babies’ needs and limitations.

Maternity Tour

At USC Verdugo Hills Hospital we are committed to offering you and your family exceptional care through each phase of your pregnancy.

People learning about Infant CPR with a doll

Infant CPR and Safety

This class is designed for new or expectant parents, grandparents, babysitters or anyone who deals with infants from birth to one year on a regular basis.

Woman breastfeeding her child

Breastfeeding Support Group

Your birth experience is unique, but there are common feelings and experiences shared by all new mothers. Breastfeeding can be a challenge, so join us for breastfeeding advice and support.