Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema is the accumulation of fluid in your body due to a blockage of the lymphatic system. The condition causes chronic swelling of the arms, legs, chest or breast. People who have had lymph nodes removed or damaged during cancer treatment can develop the condition.

While there is no cure for lymphedema, the comprehensive lymphedema treatment program at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital is designed to improve symptoms. Our certified lymphedema therapists work as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide treatment and prevent future issues.

Therapy is conducted over the course of several weeks and may include:

  • Manual lymph drainage, a specialized therapy technique that avoids injury to delicate lymphatic vessels
  • Lymphatic exercises to reduce swelling and improve fluid drainage
  • Education about diet and skin care that reduces the risk of swelling and infection
  • Compression resources, including garments, for long-term maintenance
  • Instruction in self-care techniques you can do at home

Certified Lymphedema Therapists

Our Certified Lymphedema Therapists are specially trained to evaluate and manage your treatment and help prevent future issues. Our therapists work alongside other members of a multidisciplinary team, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care, close to home.

Relief for Moderate-to-Severe Symptoms

Find relief from moderate-to-severe lymphedema symptoms with our comprehensive treatment program. Our certified therapists offer manual drainage, compression therapy, education and instruction to help you manage your condition and alleviate symptoms.

A Team Approach to Lymphedema Treatment

Specialists in oncology, radiology, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery, head/neck surgery and breast surgery work with our lymphedema therapists to develop your care plan.

Treatments and Services

  • Compression bandaging
  • Education for at-home care
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Skin care to prevent cellulitis
  • Therapeutic exercises