Emeritus Council | USC Verdugo Hills Hospital
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The USC Verdugo Hills Hospital Emeritus Council is composed of former foundation board members who meet annually with foundation and hospital leadership, as well as the foundation’s board of directors, to stay connected to USC Verdugo Hills Hospital.

We thank our Emeritus Council for their many hours of dedicated service and support.

Kristin Adrian
Anthony Angelica
Elizabeth Argue
Elizabeth Arnold
Lupe Attwood
Peter Bachmann
Leonard Baker, MD
Donald Barber, MD
William Baribault
Nila Barkley
Douglas Callister
James Campbell
Vincent Carabello
Anthony Castiglia
Ralph Cimmarusti
Jennefer Cochran
Kris Coontz
Ronald Davey
Brock Dewey
Eiming Djang, MD
Judith Farrar
Kathie Fong
H. Kent Frewing
Michael Gonzalez
Richard Green, MD
Ted Greene
John Gregg
John Hansen
Charles Hargrove
Richard Harris
Dr. Steven Hartford
Kenneth Head, MD
Brad Hillgren
Victor Illig
George Koide
James Larson
Darla Longo
Vivagene Loop, MD
Myda Magarian-Morse
Gilbert McCoy
Ruth McNevin
Jeffrey Miller
Terre Osterkamp, MD
Purnima Panchal
Hilary Parker Barr
Robert Pernecky
Allan Perry, MD
Joel Peterson
Marilyn Pieroni
William Pounders
Phila Purdy
James Reynolds
Chloe Ross
Cindy Sawyer
William Schubert, MD
Ashok Sharma, MD
Suzonne Slaughter
Jeffrey Smith
Robert Smith, IV
Linus Southwick
John Spence, MD
Darrell Spence
Mindy Stein
Katharine Stoever
Michelle Strassburg
Annsley Strong
Mark Sullivan
Gloria Terhune, MD
Paul Toffel, MD
Robert van Schoonenberg
Patrick Wade, MD
John Welch
William Wells
Merritt Willey
Phyllis Winnaman
Alan Woodard, MD
E. Jane Woolley, MD