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Breast Cancer Awareness: 3 Key Facts

Breast Cancer Awareness: 3 Key Facts

Breast surgeon Maria Nelson, MD, shares three things everyone should know about breast cancer awareness and breast cancer signs — regardless of age or sex.

If you ignore breast cancer, it probably won’t ignore you back.

The breast cancer survival rate varies according to types of breast cancer and stages of breast cancer. According to 2023 statistics from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., the five-year breast cancer survival rate ranges from 30% to 99%. However, the highest survival rate is largely dependent on detecting breast cancer symptoms early.

In this video, Dr. Nelson, who practices at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, shares three key facts to help patients better understand their breast cancer risk, what they can do to protect their health and why breast cancer screening and an early diagnosis make such a big difference.

Check with your doctor to learn about your risk for breast cancer.

Author: Kate Faye