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5 Hand Exercises To Help You Maintain Your Dexterity & Flexibility

Our hands. We use them every day to get us through many tasks throughout the day. Texting. Cooking. Writing. Opening Doors. Typing. Carrying Things. Exercise. Giving high fives. And more! Many times, our hands can become tired, sore and painful. If you have arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other uncomfortable hand ailments, you might ...
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Why Doctors Appointments Are Important In Your 20s

You’re young, energetic, feel great and are up on the latest health and fitness trends, but that doesn’t mean you should skip seeing your primary care doctor. Your 20s are a busy time in your life. Socializing, working, studying, newfound responsibilities and random adventures can jam-pack your days. But, scheduling a check-up appointment with your primary ...
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Avoid A Hospital Visit During The Holidays: Advice From An Emergency Medicine Doctor

The holidays are an opportunity to give thanks and celebrate life. They also can be a time of danger. Overindulgence of alcohol or drugs is an increased health threat during the holidays, experts at Keck Medicine of USC say, as is accidental consumption of harmful substances. Children may be most vulnerable. During the holiday season, ...
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