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8 Ways To Fight The Belly Bulge

Waking up in the morning can be tough. You’re tucked comfortably under the covers only to realize the sound of your alarm means it’s time to get up and start your day. But once you do, you head over to the mirror to start brushing your teeth. Lo and behold, you still have that belly ...

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Why Doctors Appointments Are Important In Your 20s

You’re young, energetic, feel great and are up on the latest health and fitness trends, but that doesn’t mean you should skip seeing your primary care doctor. Your 20s are a busy time in your life. Socializing, working, studying, newfound responsibilities and random adventures can jam-pack your days. But, scheduling a check-up appointment with your primary ...

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5 Goals That May Be Better Than Going On A Diet

Each day brings about an opportunity for a fresh new start. Are you considering losing weight? Getting back in shape? Diets are hard to stick with (trust me, I know!) and more often than not we cave in at the first sign of temptation. Other times, diets can make us  miserable when we watch our coworkers, friends, ...

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10 Ways to Create Inspiration in Your Life This Year

Everyday is an opportunity for a new beginning. Pressing restart may be overwhelming, especially considering our daily responsibilities, but you can set out to accomplish all of your goals this year with a bit of inspiration. Here are 10 simple ways you can start on that today: 1. Read a book Picking up a book ...

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Does Apple Cider Vinegar Have Any Actual Health Benefits?

Googling apple cider vinegar returns seemingly endless search results, many of which describe apple cider vinegar to be the key to a healthy lifestyle. Apple Cider Vinegar’s purported health benefits – from weight loss to blood sugar regulation – have been reported in a wide range of websites from from Cosmopolitan to Authority Nutrition. But ...

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