Do you want to fee more prepared for the labor and birth of your baby?

Our Childbirth Preparation Class meets once a week for five weeks so you can plan to finish your classes four weeks prior to your due date.


$90 if you are delivering at VHH     $95 if you are delivering elsewhere

These classes fill quickly!

Please call The Family Education Program for more information and to register: 818-952-2272

Class Topics Include:

  • Comfort techniques for moving through labor (pelvic tilt, climbing stairs, getting up or down from floor to chair)
  • Muscle strengthening exercises for pregnancy (pelvic kegal)
  • Signs of labor
  • Female reproductive anatomy of labor and delivery
  • Cervical exam (effacement, dilation, station, and process of descent)
  • Stages of labor (early, active, transition, loss of control, back labor)
  • Birth
  • Episiotomy/Lacerations
  • Separation and expulsion of placenta
  • Involution of the uterus and the 4th trimester
  • Induction/Augmentation of labor
  • Medications and anesthesia for labor and birth
  • Cesarean section birth
  • Relaxation techniques and practice (cleaning breath, effleurage, pattern-paced breathing, overcoming the urge to push, breathing patterns for pushing stage)
  • Comfort positions and other suggestions for labor
  • Welcome to parenthood and postpartum
  • Characteristics of the newborn