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  • stepping stones at usc verdugo hills hospital

A Step in the Right Direction

Older patients with a mental health diagnosis may feel helpless if traditional weekly therapy no longer meets their needs. For these patients and their families, a holistic therapy program at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital offers a solution.

Stepping Stones is a geropsychiatric program at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital that is designed to help relieve emotional and

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  • USC Verdugo on white

USC Verdugo Hills Hospital Receives National Recognition For Emergency Nursing Certification

USC-Verdugo Hills Hospital, part of Keck Medicine of USC, is being recognized for its exceptional support of emergency nursing certification. It is the first hospital in California to receive BCEN Honorary Certification Recognition, an award that is bestowed on one small and one large health care facility each year by the Board of Certification in

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  • pregnant woman wants her baby to grow up healthy but is not sure if they will because she was told she is going to have a high risk pregnancy

I Have a High-Risk Pregnancy — Now What?

Don’t panic: High-risk pregnancy simply means that you or your baby may need extra care during pregnancy and delivery.
There are many common reasons your doctor may identify your pregnancy as high-risk. Among the most common:

Infertility issues
High blood pressure

Some pregnancies even start out as normal but progress to high-risk based

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  • first baby of the year contest

Contest: Guess the Weight and Time of Birth of Our First 2018 Baby

USC Verdugo Hills Hospital is hosting a special contest in anticipation of the upcoming birth of the hospital’s first baby of the new year. All you need to do is give your best guess about when the baby will be born and how much the baby will weigh.

To participate, visit the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital Facebook

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  • her-husband-is-so-happy-to-have-been-able-to-overcome-his-enlarged-prostate-issue-with-the-help-of-urolift

What Is UroLift?

This innovative procedure helps improve the quality of your husband’s life with a quick, minimally invasive procedure — and will help you and your husband get a good night’s sleep again.
We reached out to Leo R. Doumanian, MD, associate professor of clinical urology who practices at the USC Institute of Urology of Keck Medicine of USC and USC Verdugo

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  • this-banana-is-curved-because-it-suffers-from-peyronies-disease

There’s New Hope for an Embarrassing Problem Under The Sheets

It can be hard to talk about issues below the belt, but if you or your partner experiences this problem; you don’t need to suffer any longer
Has sex been less fun and more painful in the bedroom? Have you noticed that something down below is curving like a banana? Is this affecting your relationship?

Having a

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  • David Tashman MD Medical Director USC Verdugo Hills Hospital Department of Family Medicine

USC Verdugo Hills Hospital emergency physician’s correct diagnosis saves 7-year-old meningitis patient

Its early symptoms can be confused with those of a cold or flu — which may be why an urgent care doctor thought it was a passing virus that could be treated with rest and over-the-counter medications.
But something inside both Tammy Stradiotto and her husband James Przybyla told them that their son’s complaints of a

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  • this sink is leaking very similarly to how an overactive bladder leaks and needs to constantly be stopped

When Should You Consider Botox for Your Overactive Bladder?

The very same Botox that works for wrinkles can stop you from running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Want to learn more? Read on.
First, know that it’s not uncommon to have to urinate more frequently and have leakage issues, particularly as you get older — about 16 percent of men and women do. But

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  • Linda Ingirghoolian's husband Goris successfully delivered their baby with the knowledge and help of doctors at USC VHH Verdugo Hills Hospital.

Safe and Sound

USC Verdugo Hills Hospital gives an expectant mother peace of mind.
When Linda and Goris Kadkhodazadeh found out Linda was pregnant with their third child, they had little doubt that they would return to the doctors they trusted at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital. She had already undergone two cesarean deliveries at USC-VHH for her children Alexander

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