Bariatric Program


Weight Loss Surgery at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital

The Bariatric Program at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital is a hospital-based, comprehensive weight-loss program. We are pleased to offer a number of weight-loss procedures to assist individuals suffering from obesity in their quest for weight loss and better health. Weight loss procedures offered at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital include: The Lap Band®, Duodenal Switch, Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve Surgery), and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. We also specialize in revision weight loss surgery of previously failed weight loss procedures.

We offer competitive cash pricing.

We accept all major insurance plans. For more information,
please contact us at (818) 500-9999.

Our Success Story

Your hospital and the staff that it employees truly gave me a second chance at life. I had given up on myself and my health and any hope for happiness or comfort, and that was all turned around and given back to me within a four-day period. The surgery, the recovery, and the entire experience that I had at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital exceeded any expectation I could have ever had in my wildest, most hopeful dreams.

Amanda (Mandy) Hernandez

USC Verdugo Hills Hospital offers weight loss surgery procedures, including the Lap Band, Gastric Bypass, Sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve surgery), failed weight – loss surgery, duodenal Switch, and revision weight loss surgery such as Lap Band revision and gastric bypass revision surgery. We are serving Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena as well as other surrounding areas of Southern California. We strive to maximize effectiveness and safety of our surgical weight loss procedures.

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Bariatric Program

Our Surgeons

  • Nilesh H. Bhoot, MD
  • Ara Keshishian, MD
  • David Lourie, MD
  • Joerg Zehetner, MD
  • Namir Katkhouda, MD