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Men’s Health Seminar

Over 70 guests were in attendance for our most recent Men’s Health Seminar which was held on Thursday, December 8th. Various topics related to men’s health were addressed by local physicians and USC Medical School staff. The evening was especially poignant as it was the capstone for Men’s Health Awareness Month.   Pictured below are Dr.

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7 Fruits That Can Help You Lose (Or Maintain Your) Weight

Weighing your options: Are you making the best selections in the produce section?
According to the World Health Organization, eating at least five 80-gram serving portions of a variety of fruits and vegetables every day lowers the risk of serious health problems. Recent studies have also proven that eating certain fruits can help with weight loss.

These 7

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10 Lifestyle Changes Everyone Should Make In Their 20s

Your 20s are typically a whirlwind of independence, soul-searching, hyper-socialization and figuring out exactly who you are. These lifestyle tricks will help you along the way.
People in their 20’s often experience rapid and frequent changes. Increased responsibilities; moving to and from college or out of your parents home; significant personal relationships grow or dissipate; financial

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What To Do When Someone Has A Seizure

You may feel helpless when someone has a seizure, but remember to stay calm and be present. Your actions could save a life.
Seizures are more common than you think; 1 in 10 people will experience one, and they are usually associated with epilepsy. While medication can often control them, seizures are still unpredictable. If a

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Why You Shouldn’t Whisper with a Hoarse Voice

Although your natural instinct may be to whisper when you have laryngitis, speech therapists believe you may actually be straining your vocal cords.
If you’ve ever suffered from laryngitis (swollen, irritated vocal cords in the larynx, perhaps better known as the voice box), your gut reaction might have been to assume that it’s okay to whisper

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8 Ways To Fight The Belly Bulge

Slimming down your waistline is no easy feat. But, it might not be as difficult as you think.
Most people would love a magic potion to help them trim down in the tummy area. But, until that exists we have a few suggestions that can help make a big difference.

Here are 8 tips that will be able

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10 Ways to Create Inspiration in Your Life This Year

Motivating yourself to stay inspired may be easier than you think. Try these simple tricks to spark your inspiration.
Staying mentally stimulated enough to accomplish endeavors outside of your typical routine may be overwhelming, especially considering the demanding nature of your home and work responsibilities, but you can set out to accomplish all of your goals this year

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Healthy People Usually Eat These 7 Things for Lunch

What you eat for lunch is almost as important as what you eat for breakfast.
Your midday meal provides you the fuel to keep running at top capacity. It gets you through the rest of your afternoon, which is likely filled with another four to five hours of thoughtful work at the office or at home.

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The Real Reasons You Get Sick When it’s Cold Outside

The Real Reasons You Get Sick When it’s Cold Outside
You’re outside on an unexpectedly chilly day. You forgot to wear your hat and gloves and now you’re shivering. Is it a given that you’re going to catch a cold or come down with the flu? Maybe. Cold weather doesn’t make you sick, germs do, but